Fall Bees are in the Air

When the weather turns into cool nights and welcomed warmer days, the goldenrod, asters and mums are gracing the land with color, you know it’s time to check the weight of your hives. HoneyBeeGoldR

Last year we left supers on for added security going into winter. Yes, by spring a couple of queens laid up into the supers, but by the time those hatched, she had no more interest to be on the top floor. They cleaned them up and began storing the first of the spring nectar and so we received an early harvest. More importantly they had an ample supply of food throughout winter.

They say that a queen won’t go back down as it is their nature to go up. Hence the need to reverse the deeps. We have not had the problem to worry us, but when in doubt, we have on occasion swapped boxes and all was well in either case. Each beekeeper along the way, learns what works and what doesn’t with their own hives.

We are glad for the lower temperatures and so it goes; we proceed into the season of appreciation for colorful surroundings and that particular familiar smell in the autumn air.

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