Friends Hill Apiary sits just outside of Quincy, IL on a little family farm owned and operated by Tim & Tina McClelland. We both had a lengthy interest in Beekeeping and knew others who had tried it in years past. In 2003 we began talking more and more frequently about it and together began sharing what we were learning through the books that we seemed to be glued to from then on. Beekeeping was the subject that kept coming up! So in 2005 we went to our first meeting where a group of local beekeepers met every month. We wanted to see if there was more that would peek our interest or if our seemingly crazy idea was just that; crazy.

We didn’t go back to any more meetings for years, but we kept reading and learning. Eventually we knew that by verbal conversations with experienced beeks, we were no doubt going to learn even more than what The Hive and the Honey Bee, Dadant & Sons and  Beekeeping in the Midwest, Jaycox among many other publications were teaching us.

Then we took a Beginning Beekeepers Class and were hooked/stung! We became members of the Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Assoc., the Illinois State Beekeepers Assoc. and eventually the Illinois Queen Initiative. We haven’t looked back since!

Presently, we manage 17 hives.

Our bees are primarily Italian, Carniolan & Feral honey bees.

We are always available to, and actually enjoy capturing swarms in our general demographic location (some even from our own hives)! Feel free to contact us if you see a large cluster of bees hanging from a branch in your yard.

We also do small-group demonstrations about honey bees and the importance of  pollinator habitats. We love sharing our own experiences and answering questions about the benefits of honey bees and their importance to our food supply. Our ecosystem and natural environment is in much need of our help in maintaining and improving its health wherever we can, and honey bees and pollinators are a very large part of that health and well-being. If you are willing to help with this effort, please contact us and we will to our best to direct you.

We look forward to sharing with you our personal beekeeping adventures!

Tim & Tina

For more information, please email: tnt@friendshillapiary.com