All-Natural Skin Care


Salves and Creams:

Bug Off is a salve that repels some of the most bothersome flying insects and it smells great too!

Itch Salve is all-natural and can be applied to itchy skin.

All-Purpose Cream is a salve whipped up creamy. It goes on smooth, smells great.


Benefits: Because honey is antibacterial & anti-fungal it can help speed healing of some skin conditions with its beneficial skin-loving properties. Honey can also act as a humectant to help retain moisture to our skin. Those are perfect reasons why we use it in a lot of our All-Natural Skin Care Hive Products.

We also use plant derived butters and oils, lots of herbs, beeswax, and sometimes propolis in our All-Natural Skin Care Hive Products, including in our Soaps.

Propolis is yet another beneficial substance produced by the honeybee. They produce this sticky matter from plant resins and substances found in nature. They will use it to seal and protect the colony. It fortifies their hive and staves off diseases and pests. Like honey and pollen, propolis also has an innumerable amount of beneficial properties.




Friends Hill Apiary makes no medical claims to any of our All-Natural Skin Care products. We do not recommend replacement of any advise from health care providers. We advise prior to use, a skin patch test be performed to assure no allergies are apparent. Our All-Natural Skin Care products are not recommended for use by pregnant women or for babies. Keep all products out of reach of children and pets.