Nectar & Pollen

Rather than try to attempt an impossible feat of recording the extensive amount of flowering plants and valuable nectar and pollen sources for our beautiful honey bees and the many other pollinators in our demographic location, I will (for now) just include lists of resources and links that I have found very informative.

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The Xerces Society is one of our favorite resources for all things pollinators! They work hard for conservation, habitats, ecology and nature. You can find everything from plants and sustainability practices to a large variety of publications and learning materials available. There is a wealth of information on this site!


Bee Informed Partnership is a great source for everything honey bee related. The following is a link to their site.


Prairie Wildflowers of Illinois has a list of mid-western flowers that make it easy to identify plants.


Kim Eierman wears many hats when it comes to plants in our environment. She is an Environmental Horticulturalist a Master Gardener, a Master Horticulturalist, a Writer a Teacher and I’m certain has many more titles than I know! The following is a website where you can find a ton of information about her and her services.

Of course we will be adding more as time allows!