Friends Hill Apiary is located on a small family owned farm that sits just outside of Quincy, IL on Hwy 96 S.

While venturing into Beekeeping, one of our goals was to provide choices for All-Natural Honey Bee Products to people who wanted healthier choices without harsh toxins or chemicals! For us, it is important that our customers have that option. We all know that what goes into our bodies is just as important as what goes onto our bodies. So we are happy to offer both delicious & nutritious edibles as well as skin-loving topical products

The array of benefits from products deriving from honey bees, is astounding. Honey, for instance, has been used for more than 8,000 years so it’s really no wonder we still crave its luxuriance for both our kitchens and our bath needs, today. That same goodness and purity of our All-Natural Hive Products are credited to our beautiful free-range honeybees and the hard work they put into the ingredients that we harvest to make our products.

All-Natural Hive Products

 Swarm Capture and Cut-out Removals 

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